Thursday, 17 January 2013

Exciting News, ROW 80 Check In 3, Update on My Online Dating Adventures, and a Giveaway!

As indicated by the title, I just decided to chuck absolutely everything into this post, so here goes!
My Exciting News:

First of all, I'm excited so I'm going to share it all with you, so hopefully you can be excited for me:
I'm officially a company!
Yup, as of the 11th of Jan (didn't receive the certificate until the 15th) Australia has a new company:
The Buffy Group Pty. Ltd.
Yah! Expect more from The Buffy Group.
Anyway, back to the writing:
Am going to keep it brief and to the point.
5,000 words a day? - Monday yes, Tuesday close, Wednesday yes. Go me!
Of course, I also did a lot of cutting, so the current total is still only 25,890 but it is much, much better. Also did some work on other books in the series as my mind kept bring up ideas.

Blog posts: did an epic blog post here on Monday, which I'm pretty proud of (check it out if you haven't already: How to Create A Killer Online Platform. ) and posted on Fitbuster on Monday. Both of which are pretty amazing as I stacked my bike on my way home on Monday and was feeling sorry for myself.
Tuesday didn't post on either, but today I'm going to make up for that and do both again.
So win overall.
Had set the goal of getting the new fitness website up and running this week, but due to circumstances out of my control it is still in the process. (No internet, getting the domain name then realising I needed to get my company registration first before I could have a website, hosting it through a company that only hosts American sites, etc...)

Articles: have produced one article this week, so only two more to go by Sunday.

Yah to just sitting down and getting work done. Also, writing a book on how to write is very helpful for the writing process, I'm just saying :D

Want an update on my online dating?
People keep asking me, so I thought I would share my continuing adventures online and off.
Still chatting with a lot of nice guys, but also one or two not so nice guys. (One told me I shouldn't be on an online dating site if I didn't want to have a threesome. Very rude. And I was contacted by ANOTHER person with a foot fetish! Is that a thing now?)
Also noticed that since joining up I've been hit on more in real life as well. Got a very nice discount on my new Mac (didn't think they were supposed to give discounts on Apples, turns out they aren't, but if they are trying to pick you up, guys can become quite inventive). Also one of the guys trying to help me fix my internet told me to call him if there were any more problems... or even if there weren't! Might have been more successful if he had actually managed to fix my internet. Sorry dude.
Have now gone out with a total of 4 guys (one guy twice) since I joined up at the beginning of December (which is an amazing record for me, as any of you who know me will attest).

However, it is not all rosy and golden. Having slight trouble with the whole 'not really offering sex before marriage' which appears to be a total deal breaker for absolutely every half decent guy in the universe. Seriously? Having no one is better than going out with me but not getting laid?
So, still dealing with that.
Though it's strange. Some get very defensive (one said he really liked me but couldn't enter into a relationship with constrictions being forced upon him. Um, I think all relationships have some constrictions, but I do get his point, sort of). However, some get totally fascinated with the idea, like they had never heard of it before and I was an alien being. They start asking all these questions, like is it just because I haven't had the opportunity? (Um, a) that's super insulting but b) you are prepared to sleep with me, so do you think that really is the answer?) But so far no one has said 'wow, a girl into purity, that's amazing and just what I've been looking for!' (Okay, maybe the guy from Kuwait was a bit more interested, but I wasn't interested in him.)
100 years ago, I would have been a goddess! Well, maybe not a goddess, but at least normal.
Went out for a great brunch with a nice guy today, so still planning in my head how to have 'the talk' because it's better to get it out before I get too attached. Sad but true. But at least I'm getting a lot of really nice first dates, which is not to be sneezed at.

Overall, I may have no proper internet or love life, but I'm officially a company and my writing is going well. You win some, you lose some.
And Finally...Giveaway!

Goals JournalOver two weeks ago I announced the winner of the Christmas Giveaway (A beautiful Kikki.K Goals Journal), which went to Ral. I posted it on the site and sent him an email through Blogger. However, I've never heard back from him! Since I don't know him in person, I can't chase him up.
So, I'm re-contesting the journal. Ral, if you are reading this and you want your journal, you'll just have to enter again!
So, comment below with why you think a goal journal would help you in 2013. The best/most amusing comment posted by Sunday night 27th Jan 2013 will win the journal! Open to absolutely anyone who will actually respond and tells me where to send it when they win.
Anyway, that's all for now!


  1. Hi Buffy, you're blog's looking great! This is a amazing gift to your readers! I'd love this (if I should be so lucky) because it's just a gorgeous book. And because probably the last time I wrote out my goals was in year 12. Way too long ago.

    1. The book looks amazing, it has all these different sections and prompts to get you thinking about goals. (I was half hoping today that no one would enter and then I would get to keep it for myself :D) but if you do win, I might have to ransom the book in exchange for meeting up for coffee. I have so many applicants to tell you about!

  2. Oh, and very impressed to hear about your Apple crush! He sounds really nice, go out on a date with him :)

  3. I"m so sad I missed your giveaway! It does look to be quite lovely, an the person who wins it is lucky. Having one's goals spelled out help in keeping one's path aiming there.

    Your writing is going very well--keep up the good work!

  4. Sorry, actually extended the giveaway, though didn't change the date here, so it's still open until the end of this week. Will consider this your entry :D

  5. Hey Buffy
    I`m still impressed what you`re doing there. Where do you get the motivation from?
    Hope to meet you soon again! Maybe come to Europe to get some new ideas?!

    1. Hi Miri,
      I would love to come to Europe again! Though can't see it happening in 2013.
      Where do I get my motivation from? Sadly, it's not all that much natural motivation, but a combination of working hard to maximise my will power and faking the motivation until it comes. Limiting the options on what else I can do (no TV on week nights etc.) helps a lot, as well as making sure I sleep and eat well, and then telling myself repeatedly that I love writing, the only thing I want to do is write, etc, even if it is through slightly gritted teeth. But eventually it seems to work. And I give myself a night off when I need to.
      A large part is also having reached the appropriate time in my life: not studying, but not yet in a relationship, having no other major requirements on me other than work enough to pay the bills, etc.
      Sorry for the lack of magic formula. When I create the potion that inspires all writers all the time, you'll be the first to know.

  6. D'oh just wrote a good post on my phone but accidently hit the back button and lost it :(

    1. That is very annoying. My phone is particularly apt and getting the wrong button and then deleting everything I've typed. But will count that as your entry all the same :D

  7. Hey, so I want to win the competition, and I also want you to know that my migration to new phone is not going well, as it appears I now have neither prepaid credit on the old phone, or postpaid access on the new one. So, um, got your message re: your VA; would be keen to see the CVs. Also, just wanted to reiterate: great burgers. Who knew home-made aioli is a doable thing?