Saturday, 28 December 2013

New Year's Give Away!

Yes, it is that time of year again: time to make resolutions!

I love the end of the year, and not just for the excess food and drink. I love planning for next year and assessing how I can reach my dreams. In the next post I'll fill you in on some of the exciting developments that are going to be happening for me in 2014 (it is going to be a big year!).

But we all need a bit of help to reach some of our goals. And luckily I've written and helped produce a few books that are perfect for getting you on the right track.

So I'm giving away copies of 3 different books for those in need:

Romance: need a bit of help finding love? Then sign up for my Nice Guy's Guide To Online Dating Profiles, a practical and entertaining read on how best to present yourself online (great for guys and girls).

Spirituality: decided to take up faith as part of your New Year's Resolution? Prayer, meditation and spirituality are proving to be essential for well being, so why not? Rev. David L. Greentree (yup, he's my dad), has written a short but concise book: Colostrum: Spiritual Antibodies for New Christians. It looks at how to grow big and strong without any veggies (wish he'd had this when we were kids) as well as revealing the major heresies you are likely to come across.

Writing: and who doesn't want to make 2014 their year for writing? What better way to prepare than with a writing retreat to begin the year? The Five Day Writer's Retreat will challenge you to assess and adapt your lifestyle to be more creative. 

If you would like an ebook or hardcopy (excludes Online Dating, which is only electronic at the moment), leave a comment saying which area of your life you want to work on in 2014 and why. Or if you don't want to declare it on the internet (though there is no judgement here, I'm all in support of online dating), then you can email me at

Merry Christmas everyone, and a happy new year!

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