Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More Dorothea!

For those of you who have been reading for a while, you will know my love for the Dorothea Brande, a 1930's author who wrote a very practical and helpful book for writers called 'On Becoming a Writer'. 

Well, yesterday I was looking for the link to download the PDF so I could share Dorothea with all of you and I came across another of her books Wake Up and Live.

I've only just started reading it myself and am still in the introduction but I thought I would share it because it promises to be good (and it is free. Can't go past free stuff! And don't worry, it's free because it's out of copyright, not because I'm sending you to dodge pirate sites). 

Also, did you notice that I've spent the day going through earlier posts putting in labels and fixing up the formatting? Was planning to do all of them but had to go unpack boxes for my grandmother. However, scored a whole lot of stuff for my kitchen! Also, might have 'borrowed' quite a few books from my parents. Though, I only took ones that had doubles or were mine originally or I intend at some stage to give back but actually wanted to read. 

Will hopefully finish updating the blog tomorrow (though with so much new reading material...)

So, since this is a short post, you have time to start reading Dorothea. Apologies now if it turns out to be awful. Will read more tomorrow and delete this post if it is.

Also, don't forget your entries for my competition.



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