Sunday, 8 July 2012

The First Writing Session.

So, it's Sunday, and that means the first day of the actual writing part of the challenge. Might have stayed up a bit late last night (also known as this morning by some) chatting with my best friend (Tam, you'll see her commenting around the place) about writing and life in general. But still went to bed focused on getting up and writing.

Set my alarm for 8am, which is not that early, I know, but after week of getting up at 10+ am, it was a bit of a struggle actually pulling myself to consciousness. Hit snooze a few times, but by 8.10 was up, had a cup of jasmine tea, and was opening up my computer. Strangely, even though I am working in bed, have not felt the desire to fall back asleep yet.

Have to admit it took a few minutes to orientate myself to the story again, as I've got some of it written already and just wasn't sure where to start again, what was happening, etc. Am assuming this will improve vastly with writing everyday. Had a few starts at a new scene, but finally just continued on from where I left off.

Definitely wasn't working at my fastest, as not quite sure where I was going for a lot of it. However, Tam, who crashed the night, came in an hour and a half later with more tea and breakfast (which really should be the way life as a writer works, so if anyone wants to move in as my personal servant, I have a reasonably comfortable couch). By that time I had written 3,400 words. Not quite the 2,500/hour I hope to get up to but for the first hour and a half after a break, I was pretty happy. And it was reasonably new material, moving my story onwards, not just vague description. It also all followed on from itself, not being just a half scene here and a half scene there. So pretty encouraging. 

Have re-worked the word counts a bit because I'm still going to be going to work four days a week, and so am planning on writing 6 days a week instead of just 5 until I can move to writing full time. So 10,000 words on full writing days (4 a fortnight), and then only 7,500 words on working days (8 a fortnight), still making a total of 100,000 words. And then I'll take into account how the story is actually going, it might turn out to be a much longer story than that, or some of my ones for younger adults might be shorter. But that's the rough guide.

So, right now it's 11am on Sunday, and I'm 3,400 words down and have 6,600 to go. Bring it on.


  1. Somebody is cross you didn't post your final word count for the day:

  2. The day is not over yet, my friend!