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I'd like to thank all my readers for your great support as I write. I currently haven't monetized site, but if you enjoy the content and would like to continue supporting me, buying my books and leaving a review on Amazon would mean a great deal to me. 

I've also made some of the short stories free, just because I can.


My Books:
After The Winter

A 1920's romance with the lighthearted banter of Georgette Heyer and the fun and fashion of the Art Deco period.
'You, sir, are a flirt.’ Miss Lucinda Hargraves held firmly onto her hat.
‘A flirt?’ The play of the smile around his mobile mouth was rather distracting.
‘Yes … I think. I have not had a lot of experience, but I think so.’
‘And are you not worried about being seen alone in a car with me, if I’m such a terrible flirt?’
‘Well, I have to admit I did consider it, but in all honesty, no one would ever think I was the type of woman a man like you would find interesting.’ She took a deep breath. ‘It is actually quite a liberating experience.’

It's the roaring 20's and Lord George Everdale has a reputation he wants to maintain; fast cars, easy women, good times.

Lucinda Hargraves has a reputation she believes can't be damaged; a prudent spinster now in possession of a large fortune.

So when Lord Everdale comes crashing into Miss Hargraves' life, it seems an unlikely pairing to everyone. But could Lord Everdale be correct, that opposites attract? Or is Miss Hargraves more on course when she predicts that a playboy never changes?

The Five Day Writer
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The Five Day Writer's Retreat is the first in the series that takes you from planning to published. If you want to be serious about writing, you need to develop a lifestyle that supports your goals. Retreats are the perfect place to prepare yourself for major change. So why not take 5 days to find out if you have what it takes to be a full time writer?

The Nice Guy's Guide To Online Dating Profiles

So here you are, for whatever reason – a sudden dumping, moving cities, realising you are getting old – you have decided to try internet dating. Well done. It is a brave first step, and opens up a world of opportunities, even if love isn’t immediately apparent. Scared? Well, you should and you shouldn’t be. There are a lot of holes the unwary can fall into, but with just a bit of help you can make this endeavour a whole lot more fun for everyone involved. In order to help you succeed, this book is going to call on three distinct disciplines: psychology (so we can get inside everyone’s heads), internet marketing (to create a selling brand), and writing (to polish your words to perfection).
By using the techniques of these three fields, we will make sure you have a profile targeted towards your ideal match that is enticing and appealing.
Sound good? Great, let’s get stuck in.

Do you believe that knowing about someone's childhood will help you to understand them? John Verry has become a very precise man, comfortable within his perfectly timed and arranged little world. But what led him to this? And as an author, do I really have any control over him? 'John Very' is a short story playing with and enjoying the relationship between author and character.

Books I've helped publish through The Five Day Writer:

Along with publishing my own books, I'm helping other writers to publish as well. It's always good to support a fellow writer, so take a look.
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After being wounded in Iraq, all Tom wants is to come home and start his new life. But he soon finds that not everyone has the same idea of home...

After receiving a medical discharge, Tom meets the smart and funny Dr. Fiona Smith. But would a girl like that ever be interested in a wounded ex-soldier? Tom is determined to win her, so goes back to university to study architecture and help his father create a construction company. However, he soon finds that his conservative views are despised by his tutor who threatens to fail him. 

But when their paths unexpectedly cross out in the wilderness of the Australian Alpine National Park, only one of their views will be able to save their lives.
In a close-knit community, lies spread quickly and power can overstep its bounds...

On 6 February 2007, Dr. Scott Dobbs was told by his church, Figtree Anglican, that an allegation of sexual abuse had been made against him by a young woman. The leadership refused to tell him anything further.

As painful as this was for Scott, because he knew he was innocent, he never suspected that it would lead to the victimisation of his family by the church they had served faithfully for 12 years. However, within the week, his wife Machelle and their six children were subjected to bullying, ostracism and emotional abuse from Figtree's clergy, staff and some parishioners, which still continues to this day.

While the allegations against Scott have finally been dismissed, no one has acknowledged the pain that Figtree intentionally inflicted on the rest of the Dobbs' family.

This is Machelle's Story – A Mother's Story
It takes experience to build up antibodies to physical diseases. Therefore, baby lambs get a head start by receiving their mothers' antibodies in their first milk, colostrum.
Being able to identify and fight off heresies also takes experience, which new Christians often don't have. Therefore, based on 30 years as a parish priest, Rev. David L. Greentree has written this book of spiritual antibodies for new Christians.
It is the perfect book for every new believer.

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