Killer Online Platform!

Want to be a writer, any kind of writer?

Then you need a Killer Online Platform (KOP for short).

Below is the overview of my suggested steps towards creating your platform. I will link in the relevant blog posts as they are published. But the most important thing to remember about developing a KOP is that it does take time, so start as soon as possible!
The following is based on a collection of the steps in Gary Vaynerchuk's 'Crush It!', as well as advice from Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income blog, Bob Lovich at Christian Personal Finance, and a good dose of Buffy mixed in there (and maybe a few other things I've read places and now claim as my own because I can't remember where they are from). 

4. Build your Home Base!
  1. Planning. 
  2. Building a website.

6. Design your webpage

8. Start posting content!
  1. How Often Should You Blog?

9. Sign up for apps to distribute your content across various platforms.

10. Start creating a community.
11. Start creating back links to your website.

12. Use Twitter Search to find people talking about area.

13. Similarly, use to find more blogs that are relevant to your subject.
14. Keep posting great content! 

15. Join as many active Facebook fan pages and groups relating to your blog topic as possible.

16. Guest Post!

17. Bribe People (also known as giving back to your community). 

18. Set up a email subscriber list. 

19. Produce an ebook. 

20. Show me the money! - Monetizing your platforms.

21. Keep learning!

22. Finally, keep posting epic content. 

And that's pretty much it. Not that hard, really. Right?  

Don't worry if some of that sounds unfamiliar or overwhelming, because you know me - I'm definitely going to take you step by step (it's the teacher/lecturer/preacher in me, I just can't help it!)
So, get excited, because you are going to be huge!

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