About 100 First Drafts

Welcome to 100 First Drafts and thank you for taking the time to look around.

Consider this a bit like the house of that weird family member where you are always welcome and the kettle is always boiling, but the inhabitant is slightly absent minded and might be greeting you in her dressing gown. (Freakily I wrote that and then looked down and realised I was in my dressing gown.)

This blog is my personal space where I lay out everything I'm collecting about being a writer. Over on the mantle piece you will see my collection of hard won awards for how to keep writing even when you don't feel like it. On the coffee table is a collection of books I've found to be amazingly useful and inspiring whilst writing. The desk is overflowing with my own attempts at first drafts, agent query letters, book proposals, etc. And I am always looking for comments and other people's pieces of advice on writing issues so please do not be shy.

I'm a little caught up in my own work, which is to try and write a first draft for a novel every two weeks. Some drafts work, some might not work so well, but I just keep on going. To find out more about why I'm doing this, please read my first entry outlining the concept behind writing 100 first drafts.

So feel free to rummage around and see if anything is useful to you. I'm always happy to have you drop in. Tea's in the kitchen and the cookies are just coming out of the oven. Enjoy.

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