Sunday, 24 February 2013

End of the Weekend, Already?

Saturday morning always has so much potential, Friday night even better. And then suddenly it is Sunday evening!

And what do I have to show for it?

Well, since I last checked in:
-  I've not written anything on my theological book. Bad Buffy, bad. (Writing theology has a lot more issues associated with it than writing historical romance. I'm just saying, they tend to get annoyed when you make things up, or get stuck so add in a tall dark handsome stranger.)
- Have edited another 1/3 of the Five Day Writer's Retreat, which is great.
- I've also sent off to a few more agents (I also got a 'Thank You. We are reviewing' reply from an agent I queried at the beginning of Feb. This is pretty exciting, as it's not a straight out no, and they took the time to tell me, even though they could have just waited. Well, a girl's allowed to dream :D).
- I did do an epic post on how to do google keyword research, which I was proud of (if you haven't read it, I highly recommend it.) 
- Finally got the post on choosing barefoot running shoes to publish on my fitness blog (with a bit of help).
- And the rest of the time has been on doing The Five Day Writer website adjusting.
So what are my goals for this week? 

Was sitting in church tonight and got convicted about ignoring the theology book. It was actually kind of freaky, as it was like the sermon was focused on me and what I was writing about, saying how necessary it was for people to hear this message. (This used to not be so freaky. When your Dad is the minister, sometimes you do get subtle hints which are more directed at you than other members of the congregation, but I'm now in a church of about 700, and my pastor doesn't even know what I'm writing about!) So, okay, I'll get around to writing it then.

And then there is Kait's call to do 5-10% more than we have been.

So, this week I'm going to get serious about the theology book. I want to try and write 3,000 words a day on it to come up with a chapter by chapter summary, and the first 3 chapters written by the end of the week.

I've also been slack with my blogging, so want to do two fitness and two strong content writing posts by Wednesday.

Add in there finishing off editing the last 1/3 of The Five Day Writer's Retreat, and I think that's pretty much all of my time used up.

(Except that I'm now in the middle of Alan Bradley's 'The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie', which I'll need to finish, obviously, and I've ordered from another library Cassandra Clarke's 'The Clockwork Prince' as I just finished 'The Clockwork Angel' and as much as it annoyed me, I have to find out what happened... hmmm, will see how it all goes!)

Finally, a big thank you to everyone for supporting The Five Day Writer. It is two weeks today until my 30th Birthday, which is scary for completely unrelated reasons! I'm excited about turning 30, just scared about getting everything done for the book launch in time! Well, it's one way to take the focus off aging ;)

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  1. I just lost half an hour following your links and signing up to you list. Yeah... gosh, you have a lot going on. My head's spinning. X