Thursday, 23 May 2013

Interview with Samantha Lilly - Australian Athlete for the World Dwarf Games

Hi Everyone,
Sorry, I haven't actually got a new post for you today. Instead, I want to point you across to my interview with Sam Lilly from my work, posted on my fitness blog Personal Fitness Base Camp.

Sam in 2009 with one of her medals for swimming

Along with being a great work colleague, Sam is also one of the Australian athletes heading to the US in August to compete in the World Dwarf Games which happen every 4 years.

2009 was the first time Australia had sent any athletes, and Sam came home with 5 gold medals and a silver for swimming.

She kindly agreed to answer all my questions about the games, the Australian team, and what is involved in their training regime.

Also, the Australian team receives no funding, and it costs about $5,000 per athlete for them to attend. I'm trying to help raise funds for Sam to go, and she has listed some ideas of how anyone can help. If you have other ideas, please let me know!

Check out the interview:

ROW 80 Check-In:

I've been bad. Full stop.
But I'm going to be better!

(and I did get Sally Hunt completely edited and submit on time for the competition. Yah!).

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  1. good comment:) - sure you will be better - and a good interview - all the best for rest of week