Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Giveaway Winners and A Mother's Story

The Giveaway Winners!
Big thanks to everyone that drop by and read Philip's guest post on writing radio plays. Though, I was surprised to see how many people actually left a comment to win the prize compared to those who dropped by. I know that hundreds of people read the post (got to love stats), yet only a few entered in to win. (Any deep sociological cues I'm not picking up on, feel free to let me know in the comments!) 

Well, I'm sorry for all the rest because everyone that entered has won a copy! So Lisa, Ben and Anonymous (yeah, going to have to do a bit of detective work on that one... please let me know who you are if you are reading this!) you will have a copy coming to you soon!

A Mother's Story:


In other news, the true story I was developing into a print on demand novella for my aunt is now available through Amazon/Createspace. 'A Mother's Story' details the bullying and emotional abuse suffered by the six Dobbs children as well as their parents at the hands of Figtree Anglican church, New South Wales. It is the events as experienced and told  by Machele Dobbs, their mother. It is an incredible tale of what happens when a seemingly normal church actually has a cult like control over its parishioners. They wrongly accused Dr. Scott Dobbs of being a child abuser, and then persecuted him and his entire family in a fashion that was much worse than anything Dr. Dobbs was ever supposed to have done.

The hard copy is only $5, to cover the cost of printing, because we just want to get the story out there. Figtree Anglican has tried to pretend it did nothing wrong, and is even refusing the Archbishop's directive to make a public declaration that they wrongly accused Dr. Scott Dobbs. But if that is not enough, the Sydney Diocese is also refusing to acknowledge that it inflicted any pain or suffering on the rest of the Dobbs family. So the only recourse we have is to make the situation known.

As some of you might know, when I was a teenager my family went through a very similar case where my father, an Anglican minister, was victimised by the hierarchy. I know exactly how much damage those who pose as Christians can cause, and want to defend the name of Christ by showing these people for what they are - manipulators and power hungry individuals that have nothing to do with the will of God. 

So if you are interested, take a look at A Mother's Story on Amazon.
(The electronic version will be available later this week... hopefully. I've had a cold and been feeling sorry for myself (aka, not doing work).)
I am more than happy to give away review copies, just leave a comment or email me at

Other than that, I plan to kill my brother. 
I'm sorry, but it just needs to be done.

After working on the electronic version of his book, he decides he wants me to create the print on demand version. I tell him, repeatedly, that I want him to read through what I've done with the text (as I had to make a great number of corrections and try to smooth some parts over) before I do it all, because once it's in print, it can't be changed. However, he says he's totally happy with whatever I do, and it doesn't matter, just get it done. Once again, before submitting the file I ask him to check it, but he says he doesn't need to. I tell him that I want to take this book to sell at the conference I'm attending, so this is his last chance to check it if we want to do that. He still says go ahead with it.
So I order the proofs from createspace, just to check, before planning on making the order for a number of books. Once the proofs arrive, my brother tells me he is now going to read through it with a highlighter for all the bits he wants to change, and he no longer wants this cover!

See, I just have to kill him!

So, the print on demand version of Tom Grafton Vs. The Environmentalists is not going to be ready for a while yet. And, if I can't restrain myself, the rest of the world may never read the last two books in the trilogy, because the author will be dead. 

I think I'll be able to still write while in prison, so not that great a loss. 

I just keep reminding myself that I can charge him for all the extra time it takes when he keeps changing his mind.

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