Tuesday, 26 November 2013

I'm Not Dead

Hello everyone,
I thought I should send out a quick message just in case some of you were beginning to fear.
I'm not dead, I'm just writing... which sometimes can appear the same: closed door, never coming out, strange smell starting to gather. You know, the usual.
Though, for those of you who missed it, I just released my latest ebook last week:


Now available on Amazon for just $4.95US. And I have to admit that it has some pretty great advice, if I do say so myself. Even re-reading it for editing I was like 'wow, that's a good idea, where did that come from?' As with a lot of my good advice, I'm better at sharing it than implementing it myself. But at least I hope it will help a few nice guys out there find happiness. (Though, the advice actually works just as well for nice girls, you just need to think of different examples.)

And a personal shout out to my wonderful parents: David and Sue Greentree who have been married for 40 years!
Last weekend we had a wonderful celebration for those 40 years, and found out that for all this time neither of them had realised that the other also listed Pavlova as their favourite dessert. Oh, the missed opportunities.

I was also pretty proud of my YouTubing abilities, which allowed me to make this Ferraro Rocher tower as their celebration cake. (Just to give you a hint: over 90 chocolates, a craft cone, foil and lots of toothpicks.)

I am now heads down and tails up trying to get a few more first drafts finished and something else out by Christmas. The theology book, I suppose unsurprisingly, is taking a little longer to write. Possibly because it is three PhD theses rolled into one. But I battle on. 

And as a little reminder, I can always do with a few more reviews on Amazon/GoodReads/Smashwords. Your support is always appreciated. It helps me keep turning out the good stuff.

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