Monday, 12 May 2014

Quick ROW 80 Check In

Last post I wrote about how I'd given up my Will To Fail. It was a pretty good post, and I stand by everything I said in it. However, I just want to let all other aspiring life correctors in on a little secret:

The moment you post anything like that, everything in your life will conspire to bring you down.

Throw a challenge out to the universe, and it will try to slap you down. The only thing you can do about it is tuck your head in and get on with your work.

So, I'm proud to announce that despite wanting to curl up from the light of day forever and ever, I managed to keep writing. A little bit at a time, not always the full two hours, but enough. I had wanted to get the first draft of Episode 1 of my new chick-lit serial (name still being decided. Might end up stick with 'An Ideal Boyfriend', regardless of another book under that name) done by Friday. I then planned to have the whole thing out by Tuesday. I was therefore disheartened when I was still trying to complete it Saturday morning. But complete it I did.

And the reason it took so long, it turns out, is because it was actually long enough, with enough climaxes and developments, to be two episodes. So from feeling despondent Saturday morning for being behind, I cut it in half and by Saturday noon felt satisfied that I was now ahead an episode.

I edited up the new first episode on Sunday and sent it to one of my brilliant on-call editors, Jo. She's got back to me today with the first scene, seeing if I'm happy with what she's doing (which I am), and will finish the episode by tomorrow. Another read through, final edit, and then it's ready to go. I just need to make a cover.

I contacted someone on yesterday about getting a digital watercolour done for the cover, but still waiting to hear back. Otherwise, I'll pull out my developing photoshop skills and see what I can do.

I'm starting to edit episode two now, and then settle into writing episode three.

So, new goals for this week:
- Create cover for series.
- Get Episode 1 out. (yah!)
- Edit episode 2 and send to editor.
- Start writing episode 3.

As actually publishing something always takes long than I think it will, I'm not going to say 'finish episode 3', but starting it will be good.

Also should think about marketing the serial. Hmm... Any ideas?

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