Sunday, 18 November 2012

Hot Tip: Try Being An Underachiever

For the first time in my life, someone has told me to underachieve. And I like it.
Robert Kiyosaki in his ‘The Cashflow Quadrant’ (sequel to Rich Dad, Poor Dad in case you are wondering) informed me tonight that I should dream large, then set goals to underachieve. 

He gives the example of wanting the perfect body, but instead of going to the gym for an hour, commit to going just for 20 mins.

Why? Why would someone say that? After years of striving to be an overachiever in everything, how could some one just slap me in the face like that?

‘The result will be instead of being overwhelmed, you will feel underwhelmed. By feeling underwhelmed, I have found myself looking forward to going to the gym, or anything else I need to do or change in my life.’ (p. 186).

Speaking as someone who set a ridiculous goal, I can totally see the sense in this. Yes, I am amazingly proud that I managed to write two full-length drafts in two weeks each. However, since then I’ve wanted to curl up and cry with most of my drafts and the thought of having 7,500 words looming over me is quite terrifying. 

Now, because of my agreement with God I haven’t backed out, but if it weren’t for that I probably would have given up ages ago having burnt myself out.

So, you think you can write 2,000 words a day? Well, that’s great. Try writing 500.

Yes, 500 words a day is not very much, but it’s an awful lot more than none at all. And on good days you will get excited and find that a thousand words have come out, maybe two. On other days you will think, ‘It’s okay, it’s just 500 words’ and find you are actually able to sit down at your computer, rather than looking from across the room at it in fear and loathing.

So am I going to take my own advice? Yes, but not right now. In December I’m going to be looking back at the last six months, how everything has been going, and make any necessary adjustments.

Until then: long live NaNoWriMo! Am a little bit behind, but nothing horrific. Increased work taking its toll, and also just making silly choices like deciding to borrow TV series from home and break my ‘no TV’ rule. Also, had a bit of a personal set back on Friday which left me flattened for a few days. But will bounce back. You just watch.

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