Thursday, 1 November 2012

November: Grow A Mo And Get Stuck Into Your Novel!

November is a great month to try and get something useful done for the year.
As always, I promote the growing of a moustache for Movember, not just because you get free burgers from Grilled (not sure they are still doing that this year) but also I see it as a release valve so all men can see what they look like with a moustache, realises exactly how disgusting the majority of them are, and shave it off come December.
November is also NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. I've joined up to the official site, and am excited about the events going on even in Melbourne. Particularly exciting is the fact that there are cities all over the world having 'Word Wars'. Evidently Melbourne has been challenged by Sydney (no surprise there), Brisbane (tell them their dreaming), and even a few American cities!
Mostly, I'm excited about writers being free to let down their hair, stock up on junk food and tell the world to leave them alone for a month! We are are throwing over the conventions of society and giving into our deeper, darker Liteary Angel of the Night (Gerard Butler, where are you?... long story).
So, even if the thought of writing an entire novel in a month is so large and scary that it makes your brain melt and come out your ears, set some goal, even if it is just to write every single day of November for 15 mins.

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