Friday, 1 March 2013

Let Me Help You!

Dear All,

First of all, a big thank you to everyone for your support of my upcoming book launch. The Five Day Writer's Retreat is still set to come out on the 10th of March (even if I'm slightly greyer by then). I've been a bit distracted this week trying to arrange different things.

Particularly, I've been thinking about ways I can offer THE MOST value to the readers of my ebook.

I've been umming and ahhing over the pricing of the book. Very originally I wasn't going to sell it, it was just going to be for those who signed up for my newsletter.

However, as I wrote the book, I realised how much great content was in it. I'm stilling offering it for the first week to anyone who signs up to my newsletter, but decided to sell it as well.

But I want people to be dedicated to the program. I want to reach people who are at the stage of actually wanting to invest in their personal development as a writer, and are prepared to actually follow through with the book. I want people that CHOOSE writing.

So I've priced it the same as a movie and a cheap dinner for one. If you aren't prepared to give up one night's entertainment, you aren't yet at the stage of committing to your career as a writer that will get the most of out of the book.

The RRP is going to be $34.95.

However, I still want to offer as much value to my readers as possible. So therefore, I'm offering a pretty amazing bonus (if I do say so myself).

As a tertiary writing tutor, I get paid a rather large amount (much larger than $35, or even double, triple that) for teaching groups of four or more students.

However, as an Oxford trained tutor, though, I'm very conscious that one on one consultations are much, much more effective than group classes. That is why the Oxbridge system is famous, each student has a one on one tutorial every week where they present their writing and their tutor rips it apart, then they come back next week with another essay, and the tutor keeps pushing them to become a better scholar and a better writer.

So, to encourage everyone that is ready to take the next step with their writing, everyone who buys the book (either from Amazon, Smashwords or directly from The Five Day Writer) I'm offering a bonus of a half hour personal critique of their writing proposal or sample chapter. 

I'm sorry, I'm not offering this to those who get the book through the newsletter, but you at least get the book! And if you want, you can buy a copy for someone else, and use the special offer for yourself :D

So, for the price of a cheap night out, you get a week of retreat and teaching to improve your writing, and then personalised help.

I might eventually have to put an end date on this offer, and people might need to be patient in waiting for their review, but I want to offer it for as long as I can.

Sound like a good deal? 

Finally, to help me spread the word, I'm offering 10 free advanced copies for 100 First Drafters who would be prepared to review it in Amazon/Smashwords and/or on their blog (writing platform of choice). You don't have to say only nice things, I want truthful appraisals (though maybe you could give me the negative feedback before the launch so I could try and fix it up!)

It might not be the fully formatted version, and you might only get it a few days before the launch, so preferably you would have time to read it this weekend, as I would love some feedback and perhaps some testimonials to go on the sales page. 

Interested? Email me at and let me know why you would like a copy of The Five Day Writer's Retreat.

Also, anyone have any great ideas for launching your own book? All advice kindly sought!

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