Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quick ROW 80 Check-In

Quick ROW 80 Check in as I will be posting my next Killer Online Platform post later tonight (would post it now, but then you would miss out on the video of me being silly, which I think is worth waiting for, I just don’t have it saved on my work computer :D.)

This week is going better than last week, thank God.

Monday did my Personal Fitness Base Camp post updating on my Half Marathon training (week 3 down and dusted). Included my findings on the hot issue of treadmill vs. trail – should you be running outside.

I also posted my ROW 80 update here on 100FD.

Tuesday I posted on Buffy and God – The Blog, looking at who you can trust, basically, God of course.

Yesterday I finally posted my review of the 8 Hour Diet at PFBC. I’m looking for guinea pigs who want to test the diet for two weeks in exchange for a free copy of the book. I’ve already got one person hooked in. Maybe you’d be interested?

Also, if you head across to, you’ll see my new website design. There are still a few glitches, which are currently being worked out, so just be patient.

That’s it from me for now. Stay tuned for KOP – how to use different media for your online platform.


  1. The new site looks great! (OK, so none of the pages worked, but it looks great!) Just one thing: "PPublishing" in the last panel.

    1. Thanks! (had noted PP, just a matter of graphic designer getting around to fixing it). Hopefully will have it all up and running properly next week (it was running a bit better, but then I wanted one thing fixed, and that seems to have derails a lot of other things.) Any advice on things that as a writer you would like to have access to on the site? More resources, etc?

  2. Lovely design for your new Five Day Writer site... (yeah, I know it's not there yet, but it is very pretty).

    8 Hour Diet? From what I'm reading about it, it looks pretty scary to me. And frankly, I'm suspicious of any "quick fix" diets that promise you can eat whatever you want. Sounds like they're working with bouts of ketosis for those 16 hours a day. I need to lose weight, ;-)

    Glad to hear things are improving. Keep the pace and the joy up.

    1. Yeah, I'm still not convinced by the 8 Hour Diet, and the book is very 'faddy' promising things which I really don't think it delievers. I'll let you know when I come across a more realistic program (other than: Eat Less, Exercise More.).