Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Quick Update, OCD Writing Challenge and ROW 80 Check In

Quick Update:
On the weekend I started re-editing Sally Hunt to submit to the Caleb Writing Competition. Does there ever come a stage when you don't look at your own past work and despair? Okay, I have to admit, I have seriously enjoyed some bits, but the beginning was not quite as good as I remembered.
So, if you have been wondering where I've been for the past few days I've been madly trying to edit the entire book when I get home from work. Have re-written a good bit of the first and fourth chapters, and fixing up typos etc all the way through. Currently still only up to chapter 11, but it is definitely getting better as I go through.
So, bear with me as I recede from sight for a few more days to get it finished. It will be great to put in a much more polished work than it was last time (which was quite a few edits ago!).
To keep you entertained while I'm busy and not posting, I've got another challenge for you!
OCD Writing Prompt:
Okay, so I mentioned last week I had signed up for pinterest to develop a photo board for my 1920s romance.
I forgot to add a warning - Pinterest is super addictive!
So, I thought I'd just go through and give you a writing prompt based on one of my favourites that popped up:
(originally pinned at:

What I want you to do is write the introduction scene for this character.
Have fun!
ROW 80 Check - In:
Have been editing lots, but not getting any of my posts done! However, for a week I'm happy with that.
Have just posted on Personal Fitness Base Camp last week's Half Marathon Training and a discussion on recovery.
And I've got one volunteer for the 8 Hour Diet, but it is still open if anyone else wants to give it a try as well! Just go to my 8 Hour Diet post and leave a comment for a free copy of the book.



  1. I think it's just fine to skip a few blog posts in favor of writing! As long as there's something each week, people know you're still around.

    1. Thanks for the support :D
      And just for everyone out there, no I'm not dead, just editing, which at times can feel like a hundred little deaths as you kill off your darlings.

  2. Oh, man, just looking at that picture is making me die a little inside. Haha!

    1. I know! But I think they made the right decision, as gallons is to three decimal places, so more of an achievement.

  3. I have a thing for 3's and 9's. No trouble for me! =)

    I tend to disappear sometimes, as well, when I am intensely involved in something. I plan on stashing a list of reblogs in my drafts queue for times like that....haven't done it yet - I've been writing!

    Happy editing!

    1. Me too! I've been meaning to create some backup posts since I started, which was almost a year ago now!

  4. Apparently some comedy movie directors have to make written notes on the script about which jokes are funny, because by the time you have finished filming it, you have forgotten which bits were supposed to be funny. So it is normal to find your work does not seem as good when you reread it. Doesn't mean it isn't. I liked the draft I saw!