Tuesday, 2 July 2013

And I'm Back In The Game!

Hello 100 First Drafters!

How are you all?



Feeling fantastic?

Well, I might not be at the feeling fantastic level exactly, but I have very exciting news, which I hinted at in my 1st Birthday Post, but is now finally confirmed and I'm free to tell the world.

I'm back in the writing game!

A few months ago I had to put my 100 draft writing challenge on hold in order to return back to full time work. Anyone who was following me since then will have noticed my drop in blogging, my lack of achieving Round of Words in 80 Days writing goals, and general misery about not writing.

Well, I finally cracked. I told work I wanted to return to part time, or I would have to leave.
After a week of umming and ahhing, they informed me they couldn't offer me part time work.
They were then really surprised when I followed through and said I would have to leave. Supportive, but surprised.

But I think it is one of the best decisions I've made for a long time.

I now am dedicating myself to full time writing and building up The Buffy Group, my ebook production and marketing company.

This is my last week of work (which is sad, because I do like my team).

Then I'm taking a week to plan everything, and pray about it all (want to set up a good spiritual foundation for my business and writing).

And then?

The challenge is back on!

I'm going to be doing a draft every two weeks. However, I'm going to actually try doing some serials, publishing a complete 'episode' every two weeks on Amazon and have them in seasons like a TV series.

Along with that I'm going to be learning more about self-publishing and marketing, testing out different ideas, giving workshops and seminars on how to create your own online platform and anything else I can think of.

Also, just to help me through, my brother has offered me work painting houses for his building company. Not glamorous, but will pay the bills (and allow me to listen to podcasts about writing and think up plot lines as I go).

So, it's going to be a tough next six months, but a very exciting one.

Anyone got any advice for someone starting out full time? (am a bit afraid I will devolve into a couch potato and never get anything done...)


  1. Wow, I'm impressed! A new draft every two weeks? Sounds like you have it under control though. Best of luck to you! :D

    1. Thanks. Will see how it all goes, setting goals is one things, achieving them is another! But I'm hopeful.

  2. Am impressed. Best of luck! You are far braver than I...but in the end...the brave and daring among us make the biggest splash!

    Best of luck to you in all your endeavors! I am rooting for you! :-)

  3. Welcome back!

    The only advice I have is to not lose the passion that brought you to this place. Having the painting job sounds like a good idea, and a pressure off, if it nets enough money to live on.

    May this be a joyful and productive time for you!