Wednesday, 14 May 2014

What To Do With A Good Romance

Hello all.

Well, I suppose after giving you great advice regarding sending work to publishers, I should probably take it myself.

I've been so excited about my romantic serial, I hadn't actually stopped to consider whether it would be worth sending to a publishing house. Obviously it's no good for a strict publisher, but as I've found out through a bit of Googling, there are a number of romance imprints that are purely digital. If they haven't gotten into serials yet, they seriously need to. And I'm going to be the one that suggests it to them.

So, I've polished up episode 1, and am just cutting the word limit a bit as it's longer than I intended. Then hopefully tomorrow, will start sending it off to a few imprints and see if anyone's interested.
While I'm waiting for them to get back to me, it's full steam ahead with the writing. If nothing else, it'll give me time to write out more before self-publishing it myself, as well as a thought out sales pitch and description.

And of course, if some publisher did want it... well, one can dream :D

Can't believe it's Wednesday, again. As to my goals as written up last time:

- Create cover for series.
Have a wonderful girl at Fiverr working on some cover art. Will hopefully see the results by the end of the week. Might not need it, but a nice bit of cover art never goes astray. 

- Get Episode 1 out. (yah!)
Well, I'll get it out to publishers, so counting that as a win when I do it. 

- Edit episode 2 and send to editor.

- Start writing episode 3.
I've written the first scene and a half, so that counts.

I also finished 'A Tale Of Two Cities' (had me in tears) and am now halfway through 'Quiet: The Power of Introverts', very interesting both for myself and handling others.

Okay, so doing pretty well.

By next Sunday:
- Finished Quiet.
- Finished Episode 3
- Submitted Episode 1 to at least two publishers.

That would be quite nice.


  1. Can I say that I love that you're giving sending your serial to publishers a go? Seriously, when you hear "you shouldn't" or "you can't" regarding almost anything that isn't traditionally done... Such a breath of fresh air! Especially since today's market is evolving and changing due to digital publication.

    Anyways, great on your goals. Hope things keep going well for you.

  2. I really like the serial idea! Mary was reading one recently; she got it through Amazon. They were good about sending her an email when a new chapter was available.

    I thought "Quiet" was really good, and I understand myself a little better. For the longest time, I thought I was an extrovert...