Monday, 20 August 2012

Just a Quickie

Beginning of a new fortnight. On Saturday managed my 10,000, getting the total for that story up to 60,000 and I think just a chapter or two away from finishing. However, have put it aside, though did spend some time this morning just jotting down dot points of things I want to change and where it's going to go etc.

Spent Sunday practising wordlessness. Managed to almost complete two of my knitting projects (with just minor swearing and undoing of stitches), as well as going to the gym, shopping, managing to put on a load of washing (including changing all my bed sheets - major feat), and cooking Pad Thai (can never get it as nice as in the restaurants, why is that?). Was a very nice day and I think will be a good set up for the week.

This morning started on the next book in the series. Already had the prologue written from years ago. Only problem, I always knew that in this book I planned to have my main character an orphan. However, while writing my last book about his parents I grew to like them too much. So when I read what I had this morning I just couldn't do it, I couldn't kill them off, though it was a wonderful scene. So that is going to be kept for a completely different book that has no prequel and now I have to rework the plot so it's all okay that his parents are still alive and still madly in love.

Am staying the night with my parents, so Mum, my sister and I can have mother/daughters bonding for Mum's birthday. Do not foresee that I'm going to get a lot of writing done. But will then get down and be more faithful than last fortnight.

Until next time.


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