Thursday, 9 August 2012

Walking on Water with Tapshoes

As you know from my last blog entry, having a bit of trouble getting into my next book. After I wrote to you guys last time, I went to bed and tried to do my Bible reading for the night. One of them was when Jesus, followed by Peter, walks on water. Quick recap for those who don't know and don't really care but want to know how it relates to my writing: Peter and other disciples set off across giant lake in boat, Jesus has told them to go ahead so he can get some chillax with God, and ends up taking a short cut by just walking on water to them. They think: Argg, it's a ghost! And Jesus is like: Dudes, it's me! And Peter's like: well, if its really you, tell me to walk on water to you. So Christ is like: sure, go for it. Peter steps out of the boat and starts walking towards Christ.

Okay, pause story there. What would you do if you suddenly found you could walk on water? You've seen your best friend and supercool guy doing it and he says you can to, and so you step out of the boat and hey presto after a life of being a fisherman and falling into water you are suddenly walking on it?

a) think, this is pretty cool, and keep walking.
b) think, oh, that winds a bit strong, and start sinking.
c) think, this is awesome! And start dancing.

So, for those who know the story, Peter went with option b. I personally think the obvious response to finding out you are walking on water is to see if you can tap dance.

So, there I was, picturing what it would be like to tap dance on water (anyone seen that dance scene from Step Up 2 where they are dancing in the rain? Mine sort of looked like that, but cooler). Then I sort of felt God pointing something out: so, you think that if you could take a few steps on water, you would then see if you could dance, but you write two novels with my help, and then curl up in a ball and say that was a fluke and you can't do it again. Huh? Huh?

The first novel I completed and was amazed I could write so much, the second one I completed and was amazed I could write a story from beginning to end, the third one I've started, and then thought 'oh, maybe I can't do it with a story I don't know'. Yes, I am the Peter of fiction writing. It is sad, but true.

So, I realised, I need to find the tap dancing on water equivalent to writing.

Am still not quite sure what that is, but it sounds pretty cool, doesn't it?

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