Thursday, 23 August 2012

The Crippling Effects of a Little Headache.

I did not post yesterday, mostly because I had nothing to say for myself. I have been sick and off work for the past two days. Not that amazingly sick where people look at you and say 'oh, you shouldn't be doing that, go to bed and I'll bring you a nice cup of tea', but that annoying slightly sick where everyone is more like 'what's wrong with you? Is that all? Get in there and finish your work!'

When I try to say how sick I feel, it just comes out like I'm whinging: but my head hurts, no like really hurts, just here and a bit over here. And my throat is sort of swollen. Well, no, you probably can't see anything, but it hurts, honestly it does. And then it sort of feels like my nerves are on fire. And I'm so tired!

So, no one offered to make me tea, I just sat at home and grumbled to myself. I did try to sit down and write for about half an hour yesterday, then gave up, partly because my head hurt and partly because my mind felt like sandpaper. On the bright side, I did get lots of sleep, which also resulted in super weird and vivid dreams, which is always good fodder for writing. I also got halfway through the Spanish Bride, finished Dorothea Brande (her final notes on conjuring up your genius on command in another post) and am a few pages away from finishing Born To Run. It's amazing what you can achieve when you don't work or dedicate all your time to writing.

As you might have noticed, I have also spent a bit of time playing around with the blog (and I will just point out that the spell-checker of Blogger does not recognise the word 'blog', any one else find that funny? No, only me? Oh well). I was reading about blogging and how to do it better, and feel I have not been giving you the top notch product you deserve. So hopefully this weekend will spend some time adding new pages, rearranging things, and generally making this all super useful and attractive.

My biggest regret is the lack of pretty pictures. Everyone likes pretty pictures. Unfortunately, I'm just not sure what pictures I can put in a blog about writing. Here is me... writing. Here is me somewhere else, still writing. Here is me not writing when I should be. Maybe I could take pictures of people that I think would make good characterisations, though people on trams and in the street generally don't like you randomly taking pictures of them, so I've found. Or pictures of places I would like to write about. Or perhaps just a series of pictures of the amazing food I've eaten that has inspired me to write. There are possibilities out there.

I will work on it and get back to you all.


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