Friday, 7 September 2012

Other People's Blogs

Okay, so I'm kind of new to this whole blogging thing, both writing and reading (hey, I'm a classicist and Old Testament scholar, if it's happened in the last 2,000 years, I probably don't know about it yet). So, I don't have a hundred other blogs that I follow. But I'm starting to look around and see what I like.

Yesterday I came across one which, if you are reading my blog, you probably already know because it's much older, larger, and more frequently visited than mine. It's Paperback Writer. If you haven't visited it, I currently highly recommend it, because it appears to be on the same sorts of things I want to talk about, except of course I want to focus on my writing journey/lessons/challenges rather than her's, and she has years of experience and is actually published, while I'm still a wanna be. But, other than that...

Was reading through her 25 Reasons to be a Writer, and just had to share some of my favourites with you (it's not plagiarism if I've told you I've stolen them!):

2. It’s the only time in your life when you really are Master of a Universe.
9. Three words: Love Scene Research.
11. Only writers are officially allowed to make Dan Brown, Stephen King or John Grisham jokes.

(Some of the suggestions in her comments section are priceless too, such as:

1. Suddenly, daydreaming and staring out the window is acceptable, even noble.

2. Because you can take the vow of poverty without having to become a nun, a Moonie, or a Freegan.

3. Because how else am I going to get reap revenge on everyone who has ever wronged me without going to jail)

So, am open to all suggestions of good and useful blogs you want to recommend (particularly focused on writing). I will test them out. But, if they turn out not to be good or useful, and you have merely misled me for your own personal advantage, see comment number 3.

In sadder news, found out today that they are changing the scenes for the TV shoot I was going to be in as an extra, and they might not need me after all.
The upside of this is I get another week to see if I can get better at this being a full time writer.
And if they really don't want me, I might fly up to Queensland for a few days.
So there, Melbourne, with your stupidly annoying changing weather! You tempt us all with scents of spring, and then dump on our heads when we try to smell the wattle.
Not impressed.

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