Monday, 24 September 2012

Thank You Everyone!

First of all, as the title suggests: big thank you to everyone who voted and commented!

Second, obviously my blog is working in American time, because why would a blog where the author has stated they are in Australia work on Australian time? Because of that, the voting which I thought would close this morning is still open for another 3 hours.

So, if there are any last minute voters out there, feel free to go for it.

Overall results: am very glad that people like it, that is always a good start. And that I have some guaranteed sales, that's also very nice! For the moment I'm going to keep the first chapter of Sally Hunt how it is, because more people appear to be voting that way.

I sent in my application for Pan McMillan Manuscript Monday which included the first chapter, and tomorrow I will send off the proposal and first three chapters to Steve Laube, literary agent.
If both of those don't get back to me, then I will test out moving the description to be interspersed with the action.

By the way, putting in to Pan McMillan was a big and slightly scary step for me. First of all, it's approaching a publisher directly. Second, they are a commercial publisher, and commercial publishers in Australia really don't print Christian stuff (so I was very bluntly told by the representative of Penguin that I spoke to at a writers conference). But all they can say is ... well, nothing in this case. If they like it they will contact me, if I haven't heard from them in a month, they're not interested. So that can't been too bad. They've been silent towards me all my life, which I never noticed before.

Anyway, new writing has fallen a bit to the wayside as I try to get Sally Hunt up to scratch. Also, the weekend was amazingly busy, in a good way. Had a great time at City on a Hill's women's conference 'She'. And on Sunday drove down to the Peninsula and went for a trail jog along the coast (was pretty impressed myself for being able to jog most of it). Rushed back in time for church, then went out to dinner with friends afterwards.

Today I went to see Swan Lake with my aunt after work, and then in a moment of, well I'm blaming tiredness, I just jumped on the first tram that came long, even though I know I only have a 1 in about 10 chance of it being the right tram! It then took me about twenty minutes to realise that I hadn't even looked at the number when I got in, which I mostly realised because I wasn't where I should have been. This resulted in my walking almost the entire length of Chapel street at 10pm at night. (For non-Melbournians, it's a miracle I'm still here to write for you).

So, I'm exhausted, happy, and my house looks like a bomb has hit it because I've been walking in and dumping stuff for days now. I have used all my favourite mugs, really need to throw out some stuff in my fridge, and am close to running out of clean(ish) clothes.

Therefore, tomorrow no one is talking me into going out after work. I'm going to send off my proposal tomorrow morning, and then tomorrow evening I'm going to potter around my apartment and get it back into a state that someone could write in. If I get a chance, I'm going to sit down and start my new book. If not, I'm going to bed early!

That's my plan, and anyone that tries to get in my way... be prepared for war (or tears, I'm not quite sure which).

Love you all,


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