Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Worship and Writing.

Have just come back from my first small group meeting convicted about my writing.

Following on from the sermon on Sunday, we were looking at John 12:1-8, where Mary takes a bottle of perfume worth a year's wage (so, what, around $60,000?) and pours it over Jesus' feet and then dries his feet with her hair.

One of the things we were looking at was just how extravagant a gesture of worship it was, in cost and in personal humility.

A while ago, before I started this challenge, I was lagging in my writing and felt God trying to connect it to worship: my writing as an act of worship for God. 

Today that came back to me. 

Am I being extravagant in my writing? Well, the general premise of writing a draft every 2 weeks is pretty out there. But is my attitude towards it equal to it? Do I rush to write, trying to hold on that little bit longer, putting everything else off so I can spend more time on it? 

And the answer is no. Today I got a total of about 2,000 words done, and then went and had a four hour nap. Yes, this is a children's book so it's going to be shorter, but I don't want to be justifying why I'm not spending time doing it. I just want to be doing it.

So, I've told my small group that I want to try and approach my writing as worship this week, and asked them to hold me accountable next week.

I am now opening it up to all of you as well. 

Writing will be my extravagant, sacrificial, public worship of God (I think those were the main points of the sermon). If you hear me being negative or with an ungrateful attitude, pull me up on it. 

Comment and remind me.

Also, feel free to add your name to the accountability list. Maybe writing is not your form of worship, but let us know what you want to focus on, and let us know how you go.

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