Sunday, 23 December 2012

Heifer International: Keep Commenting to Support a Family!

I just wanted to start by thanking everyone who has commented so far. I have a much higher reserve, so feel free to keep commenting!

Just to encourage you all, I thought I would highlight some of the goals we could aim towards.

Here are my choices, based on how many of you comment on my previous post:

Flock of Ducks
If I raise $20 I can get a flock of ducks. Useful, and so cute.

For $10 I can get a share in a goat, or for $120 a whole goat. Who doesn't want a whole goat?

Llama Face!
How cute is he? I can get a share in a llama for $20 or a full llama for $150. (Keep commenting!
Honey, Honey.
Donate honeybees for a charitable gift idea 
For $30 I can sponsor a beehive and give a village honey and help pollinate the veggies. Not so cute, but pretty sweet. (ha, that's worthy of my dad!)

So, the more comments, the more cute and possibly fluffy animals a needy family gets, so get commenting!

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