Monday, 31 December 2012

100th Post - 100 Comments in 1 Day!

1319856 Unbelievable as it is to me, this is my 100th post for 100firstdrafts. 

I was going to review the last 6 months and discuss some of the exciting upcoming plans, projects, and things you can be part of.

However, in the middle of the night I realised that my Heifer International Fundraiser closes at the end of this year, so in basically a day (allowing for it to close for everyone, as Australia is ahead of a lot of the world).

I currently have 27 comments, which is fantastic, and allows me to give a share in a llama to a family.

However, I would really love to give a whole animal. Either a goat at $120 or if possible a whole llama at $150.

Therefore, I need 100 comments in 1 day. 

Do you think you are all up to challenge?

Can you ask random people at the New Years Eve party to just log in and type 'llama' or 'goat' on the comments page?

How well does this social networking thing really work? Enough to feed a family?
So, go to the Heifer Post and let your comments count! Finish the year on a high note, knowing that while you were sipping champagne you were also helping a community in need.

I can think of no better way to spend my 100th post than asking you for 100 comments to buy a family an animal.

Also, I've put up a poll to find out what you are interested in reading about. I would love your feedback and it only takes two clicks to fill in. I want to keep 100firstdrafts as relevant and useful as possible, so your input is always welcome.  If you ever have any ideas, questions or comments that you don't want to put on the main page, feel free to email me at

Quick sneak preview for next year:

- Round of Words in 80 days is coming!
- Early Australian migrant manuscripts uncovered.
- New giveaways and new types of contests.
- Guest posts from around the world.

Preview of next post: review of 2012 and plans for 2013. Stay tuned.


  1. Happy new year!!
    I'll pop over to the heifer post now.

    1. Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for the support!