Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Is It Just Me, Or Are Some Men Weird?

So, my dating life continues, with much more speed and quick succession of men than the previous… well, we’ll just say for a long time. (Now wondering if that is me not being honest? Oh well, live with it, you don’t get to write a draft of a novel every two weeks if you have an active dating life).
I don’t know if I’m just being selfish, maybe I am, but here are some key points for any future men to learn about me (and probably most women) on the first few dates:
-          If you don’t compliment me on how I look when we first meet, me sad.
-          If we can go through the entire date without you making me feel special once, you fail.
-          If I can sit back and consciously think ‘will he notice if I stop replying’ and 20 minutes later you’re still talking, you bad.
-          If we have never met and you ask me to shave your chest, you weird.
-          If you leave me waiting on a street corner for 25 minutes, and don’t say sorry, not happy.
-          If you send me youtube clips with no message, and it starts off with someone choking on their own vomit, I won’t watch the rest to see if there is some sweet message in there, you blocked.
-          If you only talk about how other girls have hurt you, you has baggage.
Pity I can’t just date one of my main characters. Some of them are pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.
Tonight am off to play a game of pool as a first date. It is, at least, something different. If you never hear from me again, have been murdered and my kidneys sold on the black market.

P.S. Anyone got anything to add to the list? Or advice on things women do which kill a date?

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