Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Thank You Everyone For Your Heifer Support!

A big thank you to everyone who supported. 

With a total of 32 comments and a slight change in plan which increased the pledge to $2, we had 64 dollars to spend.

As I couldn't get a whole animal, I got the following to cover everyone's choices:

Give the gift of a water buffalo   Donate a goat to help give back   Donate a chicken to a family 
And of course: 

Order Summary

Name Qty
Price Total
Water Buffalo (share)1xUS$25US$25
Flock of Chicks1xUS$20US$20
Goat (share)1xUS$10US$10
Llama (share)1xUS$20US$20
Product Sub Total: US$75.00

(Okay, so it's a little over $64, but I couldn't leave out the goat, and I was counting in Australian dollars anyway... my blog, I'm allowed to change the rules :D)
So a big thank you to everyone who commented and passed the message on. 

Year in Review:

Just quickly I want to look at how 2012 went. It was a huge year for 100firstdrafts, and for me. The blog started in July 2012, and was my first ever attempt at blogging. Over the next few months you possibly discerned a development in my use of formatting, links, photographs etc. as I tried to keep up with the steep learning curve. 

I then started my other blog, Fitbuster in September which has been great, though is soon going to be undergoing a makeover (love my new design, but moving it onto its own webpage as I wasn't so taken with the name, just couldn't find many others on blogspot I wanted). 

That continues to grow and will be a centre of my monetization strategies this year. Am hoping to create enough passive income from blogs and websites that soon I will be able to write most of the time and just look after my online businesses. Goal to be making some money by mid-year, and enough within two years. But we will see how that goes.

(In case you are interested in starting your own blog/website, since it is almost a must now for writers to have some form of platform, I'm going to be outlining the resources I used and lessons I learned in a later post.)

Want to say a thank you to Ben Chenoweth and Jenny Greentree (surprisingly my sister) who were my first two followers for a long time, and stuck with me as I learned. Also to everyone else that stuck around and read, even if they didn't become a follower. 

And I have even bigger plans for 2013!

I'm going to continue writing and keep trying for the draft every 2 weeks, though will have to reduce my writing time to just before work, as I'm going to be focusing a lot more on my online work, with monetizing my fitness blog, submitting to article directories, and building up both these blogs in the evenings. 

On 100firstdrafts I want to do more encouraging and educating, starting getting some e-books out there for you to actually read, have some guest posts and interviews, as well as always be giving back to you through giveaways, competitions, and promotions of your work as well as mine. 

Get excited, this is going to be a huge year!


  1. Thanks so much for stepping up to the plate! I may sign up for next year's, but I'll see how my auction goes. I did a fundraising auction for the first time last year for a local no-kill cat sanctuary I volunteer at but ended up paying for all the postage on items myself. That added up quickly! But if each of us can help, even in a small way, it all adds up! Thanks again.

    1. It's just because I'm a sucker for cute animals! If I had been raising money for concrete water tanks... just as useful, not so fluffy.