Saturday, 26 January 2013

8am - The Beginning of My 30 Hour Novel.

Good morning all, well, anyone else stupid enough to have gotten up early on the first day of a long weekend (and their two weeks leave). 

Just me? Right, thought so. 

So why have I woken up so early? 

 So I could get ready to spend 15 hours today and 15 hours tomorrow trying to write a novel (novella) in a single weekend. 

And no, this wasn't actually my idea. I was just one of the people crazy enough to agree to do it. It was much better in theory, let me tell you. 

Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will be allowed (let alone able) to compete properly. Just got an email part way through the night saying they expect everyone to do it on UK time. This does mean starting later, but also working through the night. Some advantages, I admit, but I'm here now and I'm just going to sit down and write. 

I'll give a brief hourly update on my Facebook Fan page for those who are interested in the process. 

Don't judge me too harshly if I get to 2pm and just want to curl up and sleep. Definitely not feeling at my most creative. However, one of the major points of my blog is that you write even when you don't feel like it, just because you are a writer.

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