Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sometime You Just Need To Have Faith and ROW 80

Believe In Yourself, Before It Seems Possible

Whenever you send off a new lot of agent queries, there are a series of stages you go through, a bit like grief.

1. Usually within a day you get a bunch of immediate 'no's. Hopefully this will be because they are no longer taking submissions, or haven't even bothered to open your file (sad, but better than they read it and thought you were .... not so good.) It can be traumatic, but at least you got a response, which is slightly cheering. 

2. A few days later you start getting the 'no's which have taken a bit more time about it. At first this was exciting to me, because I thought the messages were personalised. I then realised that no, it just sounded that way, and they were all stock standard.

3. If you are lucky, you then get a few messages a few weeks later saying they are 'reviewing'. 

4. If you are very, very lucky, you will get a email asking for a proposal or partial manuscript. 

5. Then you start getting a new round of rejections from these.

6. Finally, after about three months, so a quarter of a year later, you realise that the other half of the agents you queries are just never going to get back to you. 

So you start all over again. 

And with every new beginning, you get the same excitement, that this might be the time, and the same slow, drawn out, drip-fed rejection. 

Having just sent off a new bunch of agent queries last Saturday (Sunday?) I have already got two rejections, and 5 I haven't heard from (which, in a week isn't too bad. Hopefully it means the 5 might actually be reading the query). 

I still have that outstanding 'We are reviewing' which I haven't heard back from, so there is a bit of hope there.

But on Wednesday was feeling a bit down about it all. 

So, I decided it was time to have faith in myself. Time to show the world that I believe in my book, no matter what!

As a result, I have bought a bottle of Rose Sparkling Wine (Zibbibo by Brown Brothers, a favourite with a long story behind it for my sister and I, which might have involved running around London on Christmas Eve trying to find a bottle shop that sold Australian wines...) and it's in my fridge, waiting to be popped. Because it will happen! I will get an agent and then a publisher for Sally Hunt, my Young Adult Christian series!

Also, I found this website through a post on Nathan Bransford blog, and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants a bit of procrastination:

The results of 5 minutes of playing around on it:

How awesome is that? So many things you could do with it! 
Totally made my day. (Along with the thought of sparkling Rose.)

So ROW80 Goals:
This week hasn't gone as planned, but it never does. I didn't check in on Wednesday, for the first time this round (which is my first round ever). I was just exhausted, and that sort of continued. 
I did get an article written and submitted to Unique Article Wizard (aff). 
I got only 1 good post per blog, and only spent 1 strong session working on the theology book, so a bit behind there. But at least I'm further ahead than I was this time last week. Forward is always a good direction to be going in.

I also finished editing The Five Day Writer's Retreat, worked quite a bit on editing the webpage, and preparing for the launch in a week's time. 

I just want to say, it will feel so fantastic to have something out there. My book, for sale, on Amazon (and my website, and Smashwords, and through affiliates, etc.). 

So This week's Goals:
It's all about the launch. 
I want to create Buzz. 
I want to get people excited.
I want to get the word out there!

Practically, how am I going to do that?
- mock up a full version for advance release for people to review and promote (anyone interested?)
- beg other kind bloggers to let me do a guest blog, to review it, or even run giveaways with the book (happy to provide free books, if you are prepared to run the giveaway.) 
- write more articles linking back to The Five Day Writer website. 
- Keep promoting my promotion: buy the book and receive a personal proposal or sample chapter appraisal.

Also, in there I'll be organising my 30th birthday which will be a combined book launch/birthday party. 

Exciting times, no?

And after the launch, when it is all running smoothly and the book is out there, then I'll be focusing on my two blogs and breathing life back into them. Just you watch.

So, anyone interested in reviewing The Five Day Writer's Retreat, acting as an affiliate selling it (am offering 50% commission), or happy to run a giveaway on their blog about it? 
Just let me know!


  1. Congrats on your pending release :) I'd be happy to host you on Gladiator's Pen. Just drop me an email at fictionrulz (at) live (dot) com

    1. Thanks, definitely taking you up on this!

  2. love the cover art, what a fun idea.

    Rejections can be horrid, it would be better if we could have a 'pitch fair' and get it all over and done with in one day and in person lol.

    1. Speed dating for pitching, I like it. I have heard that places do that, though I have never found out before the event. And being in Australia, and wanting to get published in America does make it harder.

  3. Buffy,

    There's a lot of good here! Exciting, and scary times. I love that you preset your celebration. That's something I'll be giving some thought to. Think I'll play with that nifty link, too!

    I am eagerly welcoming guest bloggers at shanjeniah. I'm happy to accept any topic you like, so long as it is positive ( I don't see you having a problem with that!).

    You can contact me at memismommy -at- yahoo -dot- com.

    In the meantime, may you continue to have faith - and joy! - in the process!

  4. What an exciting/scary process! Congrats for getting your book out there. I love that you have that bottle ready to go.

    I hope you have a fantastic week!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday :)

  5. The thought I hold onto very tightly is: any forward motion is good, even if it's crawling.

    I hope you get to pop your bottle very soon :-D

  6. So much excitement brewing here! I love the idea of celebrating in anticipation of celebrating. :-D

    Thank you for the image generator link. I'm not sure when I'll use it, but mostly I'm trying to narrow the list of possibilities down...

    And just curious... What is your experience with the Ultimate Article Wizard?

    1. To be honest about Unique Article Wizard: it is very expensive, at about $67/month it's the most expensive program I use. The actual program is pretty simple, and does seem effective when used. However writing an article and then creating two more variations of it, and actually publishing it is a lot of effort. Because of this I haven't actually published that many things through it, so probably am not getting my money's worth.
      Having said that, everything I have published through it has produced some results.
      So overall, if you are prepared to use it a few times a week, it is great. Otherwise, it is probably not worth the money. Does that help?