Thursday, 20 June 2013

The End of ROW 80 Round 2

It is useful to have goals and deadlines. However, watching them flit past can arose some existential qualms in even the most placid of souls.

And, with the end of the second Round of Words in 80 Days for 2013, I wonder if I have let life pass me by. What have I been doing for the past 80 days, and was it really worth it?

At the beginning of the round I was excited about my new DSLR camera, and promised some video blogs. So at least on that I delivered (check out my YouTube Channel for a video review of Lite'n'Easy, or just some entertaining short videos of me fooling around while trying to record a thank.)

I also bravely promised that while working 5 days a week I would write a blog post or article every working day.

How has that gone for me?

Yeah, possibly not as well as imagined.

I also optimistically said I would read 1 book per fortnight.
I have gotten through a few books, which is great (jumping between non-fiction on running a business, and fiction just for fun). But I don't think it would equate to 1 per fortnight.

And so at this stage some people might despair and ask what was the meaning of life, were they really living, etc. etc.

Not me. Let's look at all the other things I've managed to accomplish:

Finished re-editing my Sally Hunt book to enter into a Christian Writing competition. Just last week I received the appraisal (do not yet know if I have been short listed). Just for my ego's sake I will point out some of my favourite bits:

'General comment from appraiser on characters: Very true to life and realistic' (why thank you).

And at the very end:
'Please give some thought to this as this is a really excellent, solid story which I personally think deserves publishing'.

However, she does then rip apart my editing, use of swear words (too many for a Christian market), and my ending (which was always going to be a bit controversial). But if I don't get short-listed, it has given me a very good idea of what I need to do in order to shape the book up. (Is very sad that you can read your own work again and again and still have some many errors, but that's what editors are for.)

I also managed to start my third blog,, though posting has been a bit lean.

Finally, I have managed to get my first TWO clients for the Buffy Group - Making Your Writing a Business. Yes, they are both related to me, one is my brother and the other is my aunt, but everyone must start somewhere! Also, it's been really great because they are forgiving as I adapt to their requirements and work out what needs to be done.

Having Dave and Louise pay me and actually want results has forced me to work out my procedures and services. It's also really testing me as to whether I can delivery what I say I can.

I've developed the business strategy further, and started the business bank account, brought on talented editors as freelancers, and am working with a graphic designer to do book covers.

So, we will just have to see where it all goes from here!

Bring on Round 3!

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  1. You're making great progress! Keep to it and you'll start to check off those goals. And have fun!!