Saturday, 13 October 2012

Creative Places and Creative People - Why You Should Travel to Conferences

Hello all from sunny Brisbane!

I am coming to the end of the Word Writers Getaway. How was it, you ask?

Well, I'm exhausted but feel my mind just simmering with ideas. Give me a bit more sleep and some space to meditate, and I think it will bubble over.

I've attended talks on writing proposals (very useful for my current stage), and creating marketing plans (oh, what a bad job I'm doing of creating a 'brand' currently, but  I have plans my friends, plans) and creating an online presence (sort of feel I'm doing okay on that one, thanks to all of you... but will be working on it).

I also spent last evening in the 'editing room', and pulled out the first chapter of Sally Hunt, the much discussed and wonderfully commented on first Chapter.

Guess what they said?

Yup, they want it shorter.

So, I have written a shorter version and will do some more editing on it then see what you all think. (Yes, I will use any royalties to run competitions on my blog so you can all have a share... if you stick around :D).

Was all of it totally mind blowing and new? Did I feel each session I was getting my money's worth in information?

To be honest, no not really. The proposal stuff was not much beyond what I had gathered from a day of internet research, the marketing was good but I don't think gave me all the tools for what was actually discussed (admittedly the session got pushed around and was therefore cut into at either end), and the online presence just gave me a few ideas and didn't even have as much on blogging as I already know.

Was it still valuable?


First, the talks, while maybe not new information, brought me back to thinking about Sally Hunt and what I could do with the trilogy. It gave me time and impetus to link what I might have already known to my current work and understanding of S.H.

Second, I know everyone says it, but there is the networking. Not just finding people I can push my blog and books to, but other writers doing something similar or someone who might be able to help me with graphic design or who has been through what I'm heading towards and can tell me of great pity falls to avoid (one girl had a bad experience with a 'first time author' contract which meant she hasn't been paid in four years for her work).

Finally, there is just the joy of being able to focus on writing somewhere that's not my chair. I spent the late afternoon getting an icecream shake from Cold Rock (without chocolate, I will add) and then walking along the beaching thinking about pitching my book.

So much better than staring at my brick wall at home.

I just want to encourage you all to get out there and meet other people writing. For your sanity's sake, if nothing else.

Though am open to anyone who wants to argue conferences are money making schemes that waste time. Anyone?

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