Monday, 8 October 2012

General Update

Sorry for not posting, it wasn't entirely out of guilt!

Friday and Saturday I had wonderful writing days: 8,000 words Friday (along with going to work, going to the gym and meeting up with a friend for coffee) and Saturday I got 10,000 words done. I thought that if I could just take Sunday for working on the Secret Railway I might be able to complete it!

Of course, life doesn't work like that.

Ended up going out to spend time with my sister, came back in time for church, and by the time I got home was feeling really unwell. This is after spending the whole weekend sleeping, when not writing. 11 hours Friday night, 5 hours during the day Saturday, another 11 hours Saturday night. So guessed I was fighting a virus or something, so ended up going to be bed super early and getting 12 hours sleep. On the plus side, while I missed my morning writing session, I felt well enough to go to work. 

But it means that the Secret Railway is not finished. And I have an AGM to go to for my rowing club tonight. So don't know how far I can push into the next fortnight to get it done. Will see if I have any more time today to finish it off.

My next work has some similarities to the Secret Railway, in that it is aimed at children and set in fantastical Australia. I wanted to write something like Alice in Wonderland, but with an Australian feel and trying to highlight Australian virtues. Will see how that goes.  

Will do a more informative post soon. Have started Ray Bradbury's 'Zen In the Art of Writing' which has a lot of good stuff  in it. 

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