Thursday, 4 October 2012

The Secret Railway - Why Are You Doing This To Me?

Right, well, I now have two days until the end of this fortnight and I'm determined I'm going to get a full draft out.

So, fine, I'm writing a children's book and a full draft might not be all that long, but since I have just 15,000 words right now (I know, I know, what on earth have I been doing for two weeks? Aside from visitng family, studying for tutes, going to work, joining a new Bible study, starting a few fitness blog and fitness program, and generally procrastingating.) And those 15,000 are exactly the same story at the moment. They could be, I just have to find a way to join them.

Somehow, and it might have to involve an all nighter, I'm going to get a full first draft done. And I might have to include Sunday, just in case.

I just need to be tougher of myself. Yes, it wasn't coming out well at the beginning, but the last week I've been running and hiding from my writing. And there are times where you just have to treat it like an assignment for Uni. You need to get it done whether you feel like it or not. But luckily, you don't have to do any research, and as Alice in Wonderland shows, it doesn't even really have to make sense.

So, anyone of my fruends who were thinking of asking me to do something this week, I'm unavailable. Locking myself in my apartment, living off frozen meals and coffee, and getting it done.

There is nothing like a good deadline to get the creative juices flowing.

Will let you know how this goes. I'm encouraged by the fact that I very rarely got essays in late (there were two notable exceptions, but one doesn't count because I didn't realise it was late, I thought the submission date was another two weeks away. That was a bad night.)

Also encouraged by the weather forecast which is predicting cold and rainy, perfect for snuggling up and writing. (though, if it is predicted to be cold and raining, doesn't that guarantee it's going to be sunny and bright?)

Anyone got any advice for all nighting?

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