Sunday, 21 October 2012

Life and Writing, Or Lack There Of.

Does anyone else ever feel like life is not very conducive to writing?

I understand that I have to have one, and that without one I wouldn't know what to write about, but all the same. 

This week has been busy, and stressful, and I've wanted to spend every spare moment sleeping (which I mostly have, so can't consider it all bad). 

Where does that leave my writing? Well, I did a bit Friday morning, and that was it for the entire week! Disgraceful I hear you say? I totally agree. Coming from someone who's constantly saying the importance of writing everyday, getting words out, just doing it whether you feel like it or not.
Regardless of my challenge, as someone who just wants to call themselves a writer, it is pitiful. 

I apologize to the world at large, and come tomorrow (which is actually today, because I'm writing this at 12.33am, having stayed up to work on my other blog because I've ignored that as well since the 15th, but now have a new entry beginning a series on using a rowing machine, in case you are interested).

I have almost finished Zen in the Art of Writing, but Ray Bradbury, and will be reporting on that soon, and also received my postage pack with all the fiction books I bought at the Christian writers conference I went to. I will work through them and review them for you over the next few weeks. I'm all for supporting Australian Christian writers, as it is such a small field. 

The Australian Fairytale, I've decided, is just not working for me. Though I thank everyone who gave me great suggestions on old wives tales. Maybe one day I will come back to the story with a fresh love for it.

I had another children's book in mind to work on next, but I think I'm going to put it aside and just try writing a supernatural horror (with a good ending, so don't know if that excludes it from the horror genre). Is it bad if I admit I don't read horror, because they usually don't have a good ending and give me nightmares, but I still want to try writing one? 

If I get all dark and moody and emo on you all, particularly if I try painting my nails black, just give me a slap and sit me down with a Georgette Heyer and a hot chocolate. That should solve the problem. 

Hope you are going better with your writing!

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