Wednesday, 30 January 2013

ROW80 Check in 6 - Do I Get Points For Just Showing Up?

So, holidays, as it turns out, do not give you as much free time as you would think. Well, maybe just as I would think. 

I've got some pretty major stuff done, but it's all behind the scenes and a lot of other stuff I've spent ages on but have nothing to show for.

So, overall, things not looking great. And how did I go with my goals? Hmmm...

'I want to edit the introduction and first day of my e-book'
- Um, well, does 'not looking at the book once' count for much? 

'I want to write at least 3 articles'
- two articles down. Yah. Okay, so it's not three, but it's better than nothing.

'and finally get my fitness blog transferred and up and running.'
- We won't mention this one.

Though, things I did manage to do:
- write a pretty good blog post on barefoot running for FitBuster.
- did some work on so there are two new pages.

Oh well.

My goal for next check-in?

Yup, that's it. I'm driving up to Sydney on Friday with my aunt(10 hour drive, going to be making the most of audio books) to see the Paris Ballet perform Giselle. 

Then I'm off to The Golden Door, an amazing health retreat, for their 7 day program. This is going to be amazing, and just what I need to de-stress. (Though, giving up caffeine over the last two days has left me really irritable and headachy. But better now than while I'm there, as caffeine is band). 

So, have promised my mother faithfully that I will completely relax, won't do any writing (unless I really, really have to), and won't think about internety stuff. 

I wont' be able to check in or do my sponsor duties for a week so sorry to all ROW80's out there. But I will come back bigger and better than ever!

Lots of Love,


  1. Oh, your goal for the next check in is PRICELESS! Having fun and writing. If you aren't having fun with writing... oh, woe is you (but not me, usually!) LOL.

    I would have to say, showing up definitely counts in my book.

    Happy ROWing and HAPPY HAVING FUN!

  2. My feeling is that if you aren't having fun, you're doing something wrong. Have a good time at the opera. I spent a week in Australia for work a few years ago and didn't get to sightsee much, but I did get to see the Opera House. Quite an amazing structure.

  3. Enjoy your break and yes, 10 points for at least assessing your goals and saying hi. :-) If you want me to cover your sponsorship duties while you're away next week, just email me and tell me what number you've been assigned. Happy to help out! We all need some time out at times. katiecrcole(at)gmail(dot)com

  4. Having fun and relaxing feed writing, for me. Feeling guilty about the fun - well, not so much! =D

    Two articles written is two more than you had. Sometimes, I go months without looking at a WIP novel - that time seems essential to getting a deeper sense of the story and its possibilities....

    May your week be lush and wonderful, may you adjust to the uncaffeinated life, andmay it fill you full of new inspiration! =D