Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rush Hour Writing Challenge and ROW 80 Check In

Courtesy of Chris Cockram at stock.xchng
Rush Hour Writing Challenge:

When I’m tired, I’m not always the most considerate person. Catching the peak hour train to work happens to test my patience just a little bit. Rushing off the train and trying to get onto the escalator amidst what felt like 1,000 other people, I become irritated when a slow moving girl in front of me just stopped about a metre from the escalator in order to search her bag for her ticket.

After almost bumping into her, I quickly side stepped, and turned to cast evil stares at her while I moved up the escalator. However, looking back over my shoulder, she had such a lost and bewildered look on her face that I suddenly felt quite sorry for her. In a moment she was engulfed in the crush of people as I was carried off, but I wondered how I would feel if she were one of my characters? What would her story be? How would she react if she knew that someone else had such a sudden flash of irritation with her?

So, my writing challenge to you, which is good for both your writing and also your blood pressure, is to find a situation that usually irritates you, and re-write it from another point of view. It might be the checkout chick going too slowly, but then you write it that she has just had her lifelong pet bunny die and she is in shock, or one of your children is screaming and you realise how the situation could be different that imagine if they were actually being kidnapped by goblins and it was the beginning of their quest to try and come back to you.


Still going pretty strong. Monday I wrote a post for PFBC on training for a half marathon, based on some questions I had emailed a friend who is a state marathon runner. I then also turned that into an article to be submitted to directories.

On Tuesday I didn’t get anything done at work, but when I got home I uploaded the previously written KOP article and did all the linking and finding photographs for that.

Though Wednesday was a bit of a write-off for me. Was completely exhausted so used my lunch break to do a 20 minute relaxation meditation/sleep. And when I got home I started my half marathon training at the gym (going to be reviewing my training as I go on PFBC) and then went to bed early instead of putting together this post. But it is here now. Yah.

So, more article writing and posts to come!

If you come up with any good irritating situations which could be a writing prompt to others, please share them!


  1. Way to take and negative and spin it into a positive--nicely done!

    When are you running your half marathon?

    1. The big day is the 21st of July - Run Melbourne. I'm being a chicken and not signing up just yet, just to see how I go with the increased training. But after a month, if it is all going well, I'm in!