Friday, 5 April 2013

Smile Writers, It's Friday!

I've decided to make Friday's a chance to explore the word on the web.
Today I'm going for a bit of humour to kick start the weekend.

So, sit back and enjoy. 

Cats, A Writer's Best Frenemy Since 1445:

This article in the Guardian wins the prize for pure cuteness.

"Emir Filipović, an academic at the University of Sarajevo, was researching his PhD in the Dubrovnik State Archives when he stumbled across a medieval Italian manuscript from 11 March 1445, from "the 13th volume of a series of archival registers called 'Lettere e commissioni di Levante'".

Doesn't sound that exciting, does it? But the discovery has placed Filipović at the centre of a social media whirl – because the medieval manuscript was stained with inky cat paw prints. I dropped Filipović a line, and he says he's still surprised at how popular the photograph has proved to be ("Cats - walking all over your shit since the 15th century", says a Reddit post)."

Pawprints on manuscript 

If you've read my The Five Day Writer's Retreat, you'll be laughing with me. I suggested cats make great writing muses. Obviously writers have had them around for longer than I suspected!

Writing Advice From a Fitness Magazine?

Men's Health has run an article on how to become a millionaire by publishing an e-book. 
All you have to do is follow their simple steps:

"Become an ebook millionaire

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