Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Writing Challenge GRE Style and ROW 80 Round 2!

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Writing Challenge:

Continuing on with my newly developed theme, every time I do a ROW 80 check in, I'm going to give you all a writing challenge to stretch and strengthen those writing muscles.

Today I'm talking about writing strength: aka  your vocabulary.
As a dedicated writer, why wouldn't you want to learn and play with new words? 

You never know when they will come in handy. And you might learn that you have been using a word wrong for a long time... like laconic, which I always thought meant laid backed sort of thing, but actually comes from Lakon, meaning relating to Laconia, ie Sparta. It is someone who is spartan with words, not speaking much. Weird, huh? Now you are all going to picture Gerard Butler kicking a guy into a well when you hear the word. Or maybe it's just me :D.
So, think your vocab is already pretty good?
Here is my challenge, give yourself the GRE test

There are 500 words on flashcards, word on one said, definition on the other (if you click the right button. Don't have the word and definition on the same side, sort of defeats the point!). 

Now, using the shuffle button and see how many of the 500 words
a) you have never heard of
b) you would have trouble defining

Admittedly, some of the words are pretty rare, but rare words can be the best. 

I just thought I would chuck in this video, because it beautifully demonstrates the fun you can have with rare words. Check out this song by Australian comic group Tripod (only 4 minutes long, and will give you a giggle.)

ROW 80 - ROUND 2!!
(Let's Get Ready To Rumble!)

Okay, so Round 2 of ROW80 started without me even noticing! Bad sponsor, bad!
So I haven't got much to report (other than I've bought a new DSLR camera with which to do some video blogging, so watch out for that!) but I had better set some goals. 
My aim is not very high, compared to what I used to do, but full time work is sucking the life/energy/mojo out of me so that even this is a bit of a challenge. 
But my goal is:
To write one blog post/article/similar 5 days per week. 
Also, to read 1 book per fortnight. 

Well, that at least will keep me ticking over. 
And I'll get to visit everyone else's blogs and get inspired by that. 

Need inspiration to get yourself writing? Sign up to my newsletter at The Five Day Writer and get a free copy of The Five Day Writer's Retreat. I promise it will have at least one thing in there that will spark you and get you writing.


  1. I love weird words. I used to write little mini stories around them, just to stretch my writing muscles. :)

    Good luck on your goals this round!

  2. Buffy,

    Once some of my April insanity winds down, I am coming back to play with this post!

    It sounds like you will have plenty to keep you happily productive!

    See you round the round (and you'll notice I'm not quite up to speed with my sponsor duties, yet, either!).