Sunday, 9 September 2012

Beginning Of A New Fortnight

Well, what a mess I made of last fortnight (which, I know, actually went for three weeks, which only makes it worse). Just over 30,000 words of the novel done. However, the only way to go on, as I see it, is to cut my losses and just start all over again with enthusiasm and anticipation for my next book.

Tomorrow I'm starting the third in the Castle Innis series. Yah! (Work with me here, I'm trying to build enthusiasm. Is very difficult if you read it in such as sarcastic way.) The previous two books were originally going to be back story for this book, so I already have the prologue and half the first chapter written. However, with new developments in the previous two books, a few things will change. Am very glad I spent that time with Jenny brainstorming the last story, otherwise this would be slightly more difficult. 

I am also going to start a 9am-5pm writing working day. Hopefully in this time I can include editing Sally Hunt a bit and working on this blog etc. I am working on the assumption that I won't actually being doing the TV extra work this week, which is sad in one way, but in another I'm glad I get more chance to enjoy my holiday. The choice between a movie star and a famous author is difficult, but the choice between a back-of-scenes extra and a published author (famous or not)? Not so hard.

Today I did something I haven't done for a very long time: read an entire book in a day. (Okay, when I say long time, now I think about it, I did it just a few weeks ago, but it feels like a long time).  Sadly my eyes are not what they used to be, and did start going a bit blurry towards the end. Am sure that is totally normal and doesn't mean I need glasses or am getting old. Right? I had the new Jasper Fforde, 'The Woman Who Died A Lot', and had been promising myself I could read it when I got through everything else. Today, I said 'stuff it'. I haven't finished The Spanish Bride, or any of the non-fiction books I've been reading, but honestly I wouldn't have finished them anyway. 

There is only one problem. I absolutely love Jasper Fforde, (if you don't know him, but love books and quirky sense of humour of the intelligent mind, highly recommended. Check out his website) and I love Thursday Next as a character. I also find his books addictive, as demonstrated by today. However, he does not inspire me to write at all. I read his books and think 'who am I kidding! With books like these in the world, who  would want to read mine? I'm never going to be able to think of plots this complex and entertaining' which is not at all inducive to writing. So, for the sake of my writing, better I get the entire book read as fast as possible and only on days off, so I can read things that make me want to write on work days. Good logic, no? Gives me a great excuse to do absolutely nothing but read all day. 

On a complete side note, today was actually warm enough for me to lie out in the sun (out of the wind) in tank top and shorts to activate my vitamin D. Was very nice lying on mum and dad's deck, sun on legs, reading good book...that is what holidays should be about.

Back to the topic, it is an important process to work out which books inspire writing and which don't. It is really quite surprising, as you would think books you loved would make you want to write and books you hate would have an adverse effect, but it is not always so. Some books I despise just make me think 'well, someone wanted to published you, so I might have a shot at this after all!' Further, I find some books even by the same author have different effects on me. 

Am currently in search of more work that inspires me to sit down and write. I think it is one of the reasons I took so long with Dorothea Brande's book, because I kept going off and trying to put into practice each little bit I read. Georgette Heyers can sometimes do it, but the Spanish Bride is not one of them. As I'm now moving onto the third book which is set back in London, I think I might read one of the other ones that I know quite well and see if that works. I'm thinking the Grand Sophie, which is one of my favourite of her female characters (though I have to say, Charles as the leading man is not my favourite, but what can you do? Except, obviously, re-write it yourself with a better guy... :D )

So, had better get to bed early, so I can get in a full day of work without losing concentration.

Sleep tight.



  1. I enjoyed "The Woman Who Died A Lot", and totally agree that Jasper Fforde is a complete writing de-incentive!

    1. Love him, but he does like to cheat with writing. Eg. That whole: she looked at it and he was right, it was a three digit, even prime number.
      Can only be done in a book.
      Have you found anyone particularly motivational for your writing?

    2. Not in the sense of "just finished reading this book and now I want to write something". But my favourite author is Neal Stephenson and I found his "Snow Crash" and "Cryptonomicon" (my favourite book of all time) inspirational. For example, The Ephesus Scroll uses a split-time-periods structure, like Cryptonomicon.

      (By the way, that even prime number bit annoyed me, too!)